Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wire frame(main page )

wireframe Annonations

Numbers in green color represent functional annonation of the wireframe which is described below.

Functional annonations

1.navigation bar 1. Links to home of Particular topics on the page.
2.Navigartion bar 2. - Contains product information and links to the detail information of each product.

3.Discussion forum where people can discuss with each other about particular topic or get answer to the questions.
4.Search bar: Helps user search particular topic on the page.

Content Annonations

Green alphabet on the wireframe represent content annonation of the page whcih is described below.
a. Logo

b.for branding space and messages

c.picture speaks word to what customers are looking for.So in this section, we will have some pictures and body text. In body text there will be welcome text, about the compnay brief introduction , loking for partner ship, brief history about where it comes from etc.

c. Copyright and other legal information

Subpage to the product (wirefrmae)above

Subpage to the managemement setup (above)

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