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Wire frame(main page )

wireframe Annonations

Numbers in green color represent functional annonation of the wireframe which is described below.

Functional annonations

1.navigation bar 1. Links to home of Particular topics on the page.
2.Navigartion bar 2. - Contains product information and links to the detail information of each product.

3.Discussion forum where people can discuss with each other about particular topic or get answer to the questions.
4.Search bar: Helps user search particular topic on the page.

Content Annonations

Green alphabet on the wireframe represent content annonation of the page whcih is described below.
a. Logo

b.for branding space and messages

c.picture speaks word to what customers are looking for.So in this section, we will have some pictures and body text. In body text there will be welcome text, about the compnay brief introduction , loking for partner ship, brief history about where it comes from etc.

c. Copyright and other legal information

Subpage to the product (wirefrmae)above

Subpage to the managemement setup (above)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Design Manual


Color scheme:
Main colors
Green, dark green and light grenn is the main colors.
Forest green :-#64eb64

Why green as main colors:-

  • Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye

  • Green is the pervasive color in the natural world as we are dealing with the herbal products that comes from nature

  • Green is considered the color of peace and ecology.

Additional colors

Granite Grey
Light: #9fb3a2 - R 159 - G 179 - B 162
Dark: #3f4f3e - R 63 - G 79 - B 63

Background colors:-
creme color:-#f5f7e7

Text color:-

Body text etc:
80% black - C 0 - M 0 - Y 0 - K 80

Links :-
Light Green:-#38e20a

Comments etc:
40% black - C 0 - M 0 - Y 0 - K 40

Text type:- We are using sans serif font for readability on screen.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


3.Design Development

3 ring Target

According to the lectures given by Mr Martin on 24th, some of the values for his sompnay and prodcut are :

  • making business by protectiing nature

  • Nepal is rich in narural resources and herbal plants.So another main objective of the company is to Use the resources that country has.

  • Working with the high quality of product

  • and socially responsible

So considering these points, three ring target for for the product could be