Thursday, 1 October 2009

Step by step of Peosna doing Task

  1. Caroline goes to the Conference in Launching new herbal products laucnhed by
  2. She then takes her seat and then program starts.
  3. Mr Martin Starts to distribute the template (description of the product) to all the audinece.
  4. She then listen presentation by Mr Martin about the essential herbal oils that will be soon laucnhed in the market , its uses along with brief story of nepal .He also gives the website adress where customers can find more information.
  5. Caroline then Returns back home after the conference.
  6. Caroline, opens up a new window to find out more information on the herbal products and about the company,s details.
  7. She enters website adress in adress link.
  8. She then finds new window where she can read all the history of herbals oils , its manufacturing process and story behind it.
  9. she then Looks detail ofthe product and start to choose some of them that she might think customer would buy in her shop.
  10. shen then click on contact us link to find out adress of the company where she could order some of the product from.
  11. she then writes email to the compnay asking for the product.
  12. She closes the window.

  1. She

to be continued..................

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