Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Research Period


The Cleint in this Product Biosys Nepal are:

1.BiosysenergĂ˝ As Denmark
2. Chaudhary biosys nepal pvt ltd

Biosys nepal aims to harness the rich treasure of herbs and aromas for processing and producing medicinal extra and essential oils for drug, food and perfume industries in nepal.

The Product

The product is herbal oil that that can that can be used for many medical purposes.

Few name of the product are
1.Avipatikkar churma : this can be used as hyperacidity, abominal pain, vomiting, constipation
2.Triphala Churna:- Tonic, Rejuvenator
3.shadavindu talia: headache, catarrh, coryza..etc...

The competitors in this product are the oil industries and companies that produce oils in nepal from herbal plants. Reseraching some of the companies that produce herbal oils from himalaya regin could be the competitors for this product and they are listed below..

1. Natural Resources industries(pure and natural resources from nepal )

2.Aarya Aroma (pure essentials oils from the himalayas)

3.Wild Earth , handicrafted himalayan herbals (bodycare and aromatics products blended to work subtly with your mind , body and soul)

4.The Ananda Apothecary(therapic grade essentials oils, flower essential oils, flower essences and aroma therapy supplies)

5.Spikenard Nepal

6.Cyprus wood oil

and some more